Crafts Fair

Frog Phone CharmYesterday there was a String Band competition (part of the Old Time Music Convention) and Crafts Fair going on right next to the farmer’s market. Lunch AND (fun) shopping and live music! Although the music was all banjos and whatnot, and I heard one older lady complain about the noise, so I suppose it’s personal preference; I feel like even if the music’s not my sort of thing, it makes things kinda festive.

I love crafts fairs and handmade things in general, but it’s hard to help buying something, which is really the only problem. I got this frog phone charm from a lady (Eri’s Studio) who makes metal and stone bracelets and rings (really cool stuff, I wish I brought my camera, only I didn’t know about the crafts fair ’til we got to the farmer’s market) and also knit hats of all types. Cute, and I’ve been meaning to get a new charm for my phone since the old one broke. It’s also completely one of a kind cos she said that there were way too many little pieces and she made one and decided not to make anymore. So wohahahaha! :p


  1. Its so impossibly cute! Drowning in cuteness :)…

  2. farmer’s market? oooo you’ve been sucked in by ct! :-P

  3. Hey, she has good ideas sometimes. Anyway, it’s a nice walk and there’s a really delicious Thai stand (Andy and Cindy’s) and a vegetarian Mexican stand (Flaco’s), both excellent. There’s actually also a crepe place, an Indian stand, and a Himalayan food place too, and they’re all good, but I keep going back for the Thai and the Mexican. :)

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