Live (more or less) blogging the presidential debate!

6:10pm – Jim Lehrer asked Obama and McCain about the bailout. Obama said that it’s obvious that the idea espoused by the Repubs that no regulation whatsoever is good for the economy isn’t working. McCain said that it was great that Congress is being so bipartisan. No mention of any economics.

6:18pm – McCain: “I was called ‘the Sheriff’!” He hates pork barrel spending more than anything! He’s not Miss Congeniality!

6:19pm – Lehrer keeps insisting that the candidates address each other. I think they keep forgetting. McCain doesn’t like to look at Obama for some reason.

6:24pm – They are getting feisty!

6:30pm – Doesn’t matter what the question is, McCain’s answer is less spending! Less pork!

6:33pm – Obama: “A spending freeze is like using a hatchet where we need a scalpel.”

6:35pm – Lehrer: “Let me try and phrase this a different way.” I think he’s trying to get McCain to talk about something besides spending less and/or less pork. He also asked about how the economy is going to affect the way the president “rules” — this is news to me!!! The president is not our king!

6:37pm – McCain: “Less spending!!!”

6:43pm – Obama: “Senator McCain likes to pretend the war in Iraq started in 2007 with the surge.”

6:45pm – McCain: “I’m afraid Senator Obama doesn’t understand the difference between tactics and strategy.”

6:55pm – Now that they’re talking about Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan instead of the economy, McCain is suddenly ok with spending, and his new slogan is Petraeus Roxors! He’ll fix Afghanistan (or whatever) as soon as he fixes Iraq.

7:02pm – Lehrer says that they are both even on time, but they have both gone over.

7:10pm – Did Obama just help McCain pronounce Ahmadinejad?

7:15pm – I’m getting tired of McCain continually saying that Obama “just doesn’t understand” blahblahblah. It’s really patronizing and disrespectful.

7:20pm – Omg, McCain likes to talk about how he travels to places, like Iraq and Russia and whatnot (ad nauseum). I wonder who’s paying for the flights. Stop telling me about your travels like I give a damn. More content, less slogans, less show, please.

7:30pm – I like how Obama gives credit to McCain for things like standing up to Bush on torture, where it’s due. It’s a far cry from McCain’s stupid “just doesn’t understand” bit. I get it, dude, you don’t think he’s got as much experience as you, but saying that he just doesn’t understand over and over again doesn’t work, and it got annoying a long time ago. Answer the damn question instead! Gaaaaaaah!

Okay it’s over — 7:40pm


  1. ooo thanks for the summary :-)

  2. McCain seems to struggle to form thoughts and sentences. His senility is shining through.

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