Sudoku Madness

After I saw This boggles my mind on leafing through, Yut and I couldn’t stop looking at it. I made and printed out a copy on Excel and we did all the obvious stuff, then got stuck, so we did other things for a bit. But by the end of the night it was clear we weren’t gonna sleep ’til we’d figured it out, so… yeah 2 am dude! On a work night! Geez. But we did finally figure it out. And now I’m writing like the longest comment ever. (Am dork.)

So this is after all the obvious stuff is done.
sudoku 1 stuck
The little numbers aren’t necessary, I was just desperate. Anyways, so we made a guess at a 2 and 4 where those were the only possible choices.
sudoku 1 guess
Yut worked it through mentally a bit in his head and thought if we put the 2 and 4 the other way, we’d just get stuck again fast, so we tried this way, and the rest of it just fell in place.

The second puzzle was the same. At some point we got stuck, this time we made a guess at the circled 1*. If we put the 1 at the other place it could’ve been, we ended up down the line with 2 fives in one column so we knew it was wrong.
sudoku 2

But my question now is, is there a way to solve these puzzles without resorting to guessing? Something we missed maybe?

Oh and not that this matters, but if you’re wondering why one of the printouts looks so weird, it’s cos I was trying to manually duplex and I inserted the paper into the printer wrong so it basically printed on the same spot, but not exactly. :p


  1. Haaaa! You two are funny.

  2. hahaha oh gawd i miss you guys

  3. so whose the bigger dork, the one who stayed up til forever trying to solve it, or the one who coded a program to solve sudokus :P

  4. mann it’s moments like these that make me question whether or not i was adopted -_-;; lol

  5. Oh Im so addicted to sudoku lol

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