TV! Lots of TV!

The fall tv season just started and I’m camped out in front of the television half the nights of the week already! I know, I know, crazy!

Monday: Gossip Girl (WB), Heroes (NBC), also The Closer (TNT) but that season’s ended (summer show).
Tuesday: House (Fox), Fringe (Fox)
Wednesday: America’s Next Top Model (WB), Project Runway (Bravo), Top Design (Bravo)
Thursday: Survivor (CBS)

Plus, it’s not just the tv watching. On Wednesday after I watch Project Runway, I try and read Tim’s Take on Bravo (although the formatting is terrible, and it didn’t used to be so bad), then I check Project Rungay throughout the week, and on Sunday or Monday I read fourfour for his take on America’s Next Top Model. By the way, even if you can’t imagine ever watching ANTM, you should read fourfour. He’s funny, and really, it’d be too bad to completely miss out on Tyra’s crazies. :)

I’m also looking forward to Pushing Daisies (ABC, starting Oct. 1) Lost, and Battlestar Galactica whenever they start. So am I missing out on any good shows? :)


  1. oh-em-gee, ANTM! It’s started again?! I better hop on Youtube. :)

  2. I love Pushing Daisies. I am so excited for the new season, especially in HD! It is beautiful to look at, the characters are really terrific and it keeps me smiling every week. If you have never seen if, go check out

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