Long Day

Our flight yesterday was at 7am, and of course for one reason or another (one reason is my sister; another reason is my cousins, damn them — I’m a 9-hours-a-night-would-be-nice kinda girl) I didn’t sleep much the whole weekend. And there was a time zone change. So you know what happened? I ate 4 meals and napped all day: breakfast a little before 7 (a breakfast sandwich from Potbelly Sandwich Works, quite good), then napped on the plane, then ate lunch (sandwich from Potbelly Sandwich Works, good but omg don’t get hot peppers if you’re not gonna eat the sandwich right away because the hot pepper flavor soaked in), then slept more (if you’re tired enough sleeping on the plane is easy peasy!), then got back home and picked up lunch, then slept, then woke up started unpacking and whatnot, then got hungry again at like 9pm, so we went and picked up a medium pizza and ate the whole thing, then played with the computer, then went back to bed. Sounds healthy, no? :p


  1. weak sauce! u’re the one who fell asleep at 4am sunday! first one to knock out! you’ve gotten the most sleep outta all of us! you had a nice long plane ride to nap on AND you got all day to sleep and eat! the rest of us had to jump right back into our painful 8am lives and work work work! miss. i dont go to work till 10~lol allow me spell it for you! w-e-a-k s-a-u-c-e!

  2. This past weekend nearly knocked me out I was so tired. I left work at 2:30 PM Monday and downed coffee to get back to my usual schedule. And whatever! It was totally you being the bad influence on us! I usually go to bed at midnight! You’re the one who’s always staying up til 3 or 4!

  3. hehehehe:)

    Well I dunno, I’m just the old geezer weak sauce! Anyways, I’ve always claimed *sleeping* was my talent! :p

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