Not a Morning Person

Not like it’s news (I mean that I’m not a morning person), but this morning, I went to put on my contact lenses — I’m usually v. routine driven (cos that’s the only way to get through a morning) — always my right contact, then my left. This morning, I rinsed off my lens as usual, then popped it into my right eye. Then I went back to my lens case to get my left lens, but dude, the left lens was gone! I’d taken out my left lens first today for some unknown reason, and it even took me a second to figure out why my left lens wasn’t in the case.

Anyways, so I went to take out my left lens from my right eye. But in the time it took me to take the lens out and clean it, I completely forgot I was going to put it in my left eye, and I put it in my right eye again. And I didn’t even figure it out until I looked at my lens case. Again. OMG!!! So I had to go through all of the taking out and cleaning, only this time without the disengaging of my brain, I guess. Thankfully, and I never knew that getting my lenses in right was something to be grateful for before, everything went according to plan on my third try and I could see nicely. Blech. Mornings.


  1. the worst is after you come back from eating hot wings or something of the sort, and you take out your contacts. THE BUUUURN

    even if you wash your hands thoroughly, it burns like hell.

    and then, the next morning, sometimes there’s like leftover capsaicin still on the lens, so you just put them on, and it BUUUURNS more

    and is it just me, or are your eyes supposed to burn when putting in contacts after a lack of sleep

  2. HAA!!! Good one Kaff.

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