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  • Amongst canned root beers, Mug’s is better than A&W — more flavor, not so sweet, more bubbly. I should say though, that all three tasters (misa, yut, and me) prefer Coke to Pepsi. But in our defense, I found a Taster’s Choice article which agreed! Oh but one thing I want to mention, I think Hey-Song Sarsaparilla (from Taiwan, but available at Asian markets), which is similar-ish to root beer, is also pretty good, maybe better!
  • If you’re ever bored, check out Starcraft games (if you’re awake at 2am PST, you can watch them live if you install the GomPlayer) on GomTV.net. No, I’m not usually this big of a nerd, it’s really all pol’s fault, he’s the one who told me about this. But it is kinda fun, and I wasn’t even ever a fan of Starcraft.
  • It’s pumpkin season! Pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice latte, pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin, oh yes!
  • It’s also getting to the rainy season — we’ve already had our first drizzle of autumn. In fact, it might be drizzling right now as I type. I’m thinking seriously about buying a space heater for the bathroom. Oh and a pair of wellies, which I thought of last year but not ’til closer to the end of the rainy season, and I kept thinking the rain was gonna stop soon. Sadly, I was continually wrong. :p
  • My computer messed up my profile or something twice in the last two weeks! I’m probably going to reinstall Windows this weekend. Blech — maybe I’ll beg Yut to take care of it for me. :D
  • But still, I’m so glad it’s the weekend!


  1. i’ve never really compared root beers before, they both tasted the same to me, but i’d prolly like one that isn’t as sweet too, so i’ll trust your opinion:P

    ice cold, pepsi>coke hands down
    as the sodas rise in temp though, coke gets exponentially better imo, weird:P

    hey song is good too, but as good as root beer? i dunno….

    gomtv plug is win, tossgirl is playing this weekend iirc:P
    needs moar jaedong though

    god i’m a nerd

  2. *tossgirl and slayer’s boxer, WOOOOOOO

    guess i’m staying up tonight

  3. Only guessing here, but maybe the chilled temps offset the sweetness of Pepsi. So as it increases in temp, it’s overly (my opinion) sweetness shows through more and more.

    Do not hesitate to get a little spaceheater for the bathroom. It will be one of the most used purchases you make. :) Smaller is good. Noisy is fine too, it’s just the bathroom for goodness sakes. Of all places to keep toasty warm in the house, the bathroom would be high (if not highest) on the list. Plus if you angle it correctly, it can act as a towel warmer too.

    And pls go get your boots. You walk around the city all the time. I think it’s gross and unsanitary to get city runoff water (especially hospital runoff) all over your feet and pant bottoms. Not to mention cold and uncomfortable. And um (a little common sense you doof!)… you can use them every year. So if you miss this year’s rainy season, you can drag them out next year. And the year after that. And the year after that. :P

  4. taster’s choice doesn’t know what its talkin about. a&w kicks mug’s butt. i dont really like barqs either… but I’m pretty sure it’s the only canned root beer with caffeine.
    also, there is no way coke beats pepsi. pepsi over coke any day. end of discussion.
    and oh yes. allow me to add pumpkin cheesecake to that list. my favvvvvorite especially when mixed with my pumpkin spice latte :-) that’s what we should do this christmas. pumpkin spice latte and cheesecake for dessert. mmmm drooling just thinkin about it.

  5. P.S however, diet coke beats diet pepsi. strange i know. but just how it is :-P

  6. have you tried coke zero? Not bad… better than Diet Coke anyways. :p

  7. coke is definitely better than pepsi! i actually like coke zero alot… but i’m trying to stay away from diet anything… aspartame is evil!!!

    what are wellies again??

    btw- i started a new book/series… i finished the first one in one day… its called “twilight”… its about vampires! i think you would really enjoy it mim… i think we’re due for a book swap! (i think i still have some of your books!)

  8. oh…pumpkin cheesecake from the cheesecake factory is DELISH!!! i think we had it at the starbucks in the barnes & nobles in jack london square! anyways… i think it comes out mid- november… btw, albie HATES pumpkin spice lattes.

  9. i actually like coke zero alot, and yeah, def tastes better than diet coke

  10. wha?! Albie is a foolish fool with foolishly foolish tastes! What’s not to like about Pumpkin Spice Lattes?!?!

    wellies are rubber rain boots:)

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