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When someone sends a UPS tracking number to my Yahoo email account, there’s this feature called Yahoo! Shortcuts (which heretofore I thought was useless), that automagically makes it a link which takes me directly to the tracking page for that number (as in I don’t have to type anything). It’s awesome! I know, I know, a lot of vendors include a “track my package” link that does the exact same thing, and anyway it’s not that hard to go to and copy and paste in the tracking number, and I don’t actually need it all that often anyway. But dude, it’s nice — my eyes hit the tracking number, and then my mouse, and voila, info at my fingertips.

Speaking of email though, a couple of nights ago, I had about 5-10 minutes when I just couldn’t log in to my Y! mail account. It was really random, kept telling me my username or password was wrong when I knew both were fine. Yut was able to log in on the same computer, so I knew it wasn’t something to do with my computer (caps lock or whatever), and then however many minutes later, it was all fine again. Scary! I really wish Yahoo would allow me to use an email application (like Thunderbird) to check my mail and save a copy on my computer (via IMAP or at least POP). I know it was only 5-10 minutes, but what if it hadn’t fixed itself? This is one area where Gmail is superior (not that Yahoo! is superior everywhere else, more that both are whatevers to me), only I am pretty sure most people don’t keep a backup of their Gmail either. :D


  1. Yeah, but I can’t get used to Gmail’s layout. Yahoo is a lot easier to use.

  2. yeah i’m getting used to gmail now. Towson is switching over to google webmail next spring which beats the original email system they had, but at the same time they’re being really gay and switching us from to

  3. I like that gmail groups email replies in the same tab. I had problems finding the compose button though.

  4. i forgot to link myself so im posting again to see if it works :-P

  5. @K I fixed it for ya too. :)

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