It got a bit cold this week, so Yut went and found his plain red sweatshirt and put it on. He was about to leave our place when he stopped and said, “Wait isn’t the Big Game this Saturday?” He actually went on the computer, found out that it was, and CHANGED. :) (He claims he just didn’t want to get killed.)

And we’re not even big college football fans. For one thing, the Bowls thing is completely nonsensical. Actually, I dunno, I just don’t pay any attention, and the rankings and stuff make no sense to me and usually Maryland and Cal are neither of them any good. Or even if they’re good, what’s the pay off? A Bowl Game? They need playoffs; it’s why I love March Madness. I say this as a total noob, btw.

ANYWAYS, the important thing is, Cal won! :) And so we got the Axe BACK.

Aaaannnnd, always fun: The Play. This is like the most entertaining (fun and funny) play in football ever, as far as I’m concerned.