Happy Thanksgiving

Just wanted to say Happy (early) Thanksgiving! We’re doing the turkey this year, Trader Joe’s All Natural something or other, hopefully delicious. :)

Speaking of Thanksgiving, PETA’s come out with an unofficial Cooking Mama game.
cooking mama?

Play the full size version on PETA.org.

Not quite as good as Cooking Mama, but waaaaay crazier. It’s v. PETA and therefore over the top, but kind of funny. And it’s just amusing that they did it. It’s like what would happen if Mama wasn’t super positive and was super murderous instead. :)

And speaking of Cooking Mama, the newest version of Cooking Mama is out for the Wii, and it’s fun, but I have to admit, it’s a bit overshadowed by Animal Crossing right now. We are suffering from a little bit of Animal Crossing withdrawal. :p


  1. That’s a fun game. It’s gross but they cuted it up.

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