One Last Time

Edited to add:
OMG, I have ads for “Yes on [California Proposition] 8” all of a sudden– dude, noooo, VOTE NO ON 8!!! Everyone should be able to get married, and enjoy all of the rights and responsibilities of marriage, if they feel like it. No discrimination if we can help it. Holy cow, yucks.

Okay, so probably a lot of you have already voted. But if you haven’t, please go! (Haha I am so convincing.) I think Gene Weingarten’s essay on voting was beautiful, and states it so much better than I ever could.

AAAAAND, if you’re going to vote, but you’re still undecided (I should think this election it’d be easier to decide than most elections, but I know there are still undecided people out there), People in the Middle for Obama (via boingboing):

Also, The New Yorker’s endorsement (via kottke and blurbomat), well worth reading even if you’ve decided. But hey, even if you disagree with me, or even if you can’t decide who to vote for for president, go vote anyways. There are a lot of Congress people up for election, and there are always propositions and other ballot initiatives to vote on as well; there’s more than just one thing on the ballot.

Still not convinced? Free stuff, listed by others on the interwebs (including Ben & Jerry’s and Starbucks):



  1. Thanks for the post. Hope you got your Starbucks and Krispy Kreme.

  2. haha even though it’s over, i still have to show you this :-P

  3. Haha so cute. And funny! Win! :)

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