We usually walk to the local grocery store, so we carry 2 backpacks (like the big ones you carry in high school:p) inside of one backpack with wheels (which Yut carries there and we wheel home laden with stuffs). This way we don’t need to answer paper or plastic, and anyways, three bags is about right anyways. Good plan, eh? ‘Cept this happened a while back:

Broken Wheel

One of the wheels fell off! I mean, we tend to pack the wheel bag with the most heavy stuff (pumpkin ale, milk — stuff like that), but I think we must’ve over packed it. The wheel came off and for a while, we thought maybe the leaves (damn autumn!) must be clogging things up and creating extra friction — note how we kept dragging it for a while, wearing down the plastic. But no, it was cos we lost the wheel somewheres. Oooooops!

But we’re gonna go see if Yut’s parents have anymore wheeled backpacks — they get them from travel tour companies or I think the last one his dad bought to wheel his laptop around, then realized he didn’t wheel his laptop around much. So we took it. :)


  1. If you can’t find one, I know they sell em at TJMaxx/Marshall’s type stores.

  2. yeah that happened to my wheel hamper. it was so useful too. The straps stopped breaking cuz I didn’t have to carry it and it was just easier to haul the rest of my stuff around without having to carry the hamper on my shoulder. But yeah… like 5 of the 6 wheels are dead or missing… and the last little wheel is pulling all the weight.

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