Chugging Chicken Noodle

Soooo… I’m not sure if this is true, but I feel like every time I hang out with the nephew (5) and the niece (2) I catch something. Even if they’re not sick! Cos kids are disease vectors! Yut says it’s just me, cos he never gets sick, the punk.

Chicken Noodle SoupAnyways, so yeah, I’m sick. It’s just a cold, thank goodness (I guess). Mostly snot and cough with some sore throat — so basically all the most disgusting icky symptoms only. And I know I’m extra icky cos on Tuesday, after helping someone clean up a virus (the irony!) off of their computer, the guy said thanks and shook my colleague’s hand but refrained from shaking mine! Well I had my arms crossed cos I didn’t want to shake his hand cos I was grossing myself out, but now you know how groady I was. I stayed home yesterday and had chicken noodle soup for lunch.

Today I felt a little better, so I went to work. But I still had chicken noodle soup for lunch — in fact, a whole quart of it. Cos it’s supposed to help, right? Cos I’m tired of being sick. I got a headache today from coughing so much. :p


  1. i don’t know if it actually helps or not

    but it is so good and it soothes the soul:P

  2. Hehe, too true. Like I really need an excuse to eat/drink soup, lots and lots of soup. I had pho for lunch on Friday, cos I decided salty broth is salty broth. :)

  3. well isn’t part of the reason you’re sick cuz your body’s super dehydrated?… and yet,super saltly pho and chicken noodle soup makes you feel better how?… lol its all good. when im sick i like to turn to a good ol bowl of pho. not so much the chicken noodle soup. its been a while since ive been able to find a chicken noodle soup that isnt overly saltly with nice chewy noodles.

  4. That chicken soup looks really good! I read somewhere that the soup acts as an anti-inflammatory and decongestant. Hope you’re feeling better! Nothing worse than a lingering cold…

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