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We went to the city today for dinner with Lingo at The Richmond, which is a rather nice and cozy and delicious place. Also, Lingo is a regular so the chef always comes out to say hello. Crazy eh?

Anyways, this is just to explain why we were on the BART playing Professor Layton (a fun puzzle game) on the DS, getting engrossed, and missing our station (which I twittered). The ride felt so long going to San Francisco, cos it was crowded enough that we couldn’t find seats, but it felt so short on the way home; gawd I don’t know how anyone goes anywhere without a DS. (Nintendo doesn’t pay me any money but they really oughta, doncha think? :p) Until we looked up and we were past our station. OOOOOPS.

Random other fact: we saw sooooo many people in SF wearing Santa costumes. Some of them were caroling! I don’t know, is this the weekend for Christmas/holiday parties??? I would’ve taken some photos but it was hella cold (40s) and I didn’t get a camera out in time. :p

And thanks for all the good wishes etc, I’m feeling better now. Luckily not a flu, cos I never quite got around to deciding about getting a flu shot, which means that I didn’t get one cos it’s no effort to not get one so it’s the default choice, if that makes any sort of sense. Still months of flu season though, so plenty of time to rue my decision or lack thereof. :p

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  1. 40s? that’s like t-shirt n shorts.

    i remembered when i missed ma stop on the ride-on goin from school back to home(was sleeping), luckily I realized just one stop after so it wasn’t that bad of a walk.

    lol Santas running around trying to make a few bucks.

    btw so when are you guys comming to visit?

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