birthday party

Actually, this all happened in December. I am slow and disorganized like that. And I still have photos from December to upload. I only recently finished uploading photos from Yan and Steve’s wedding … in October!

PictoBrowser requires Adobe Flash Player, but you can also see the misa’s birthday photos at flickr.

Anyways, us (old) folks went out, ate, partied, and drank in honor of misa’s birthday (happy birthday misa, hope you had fun!). And drunk dialed my cousins! And closed down the bar. Not bad, eh? :)


  1. yes, “drunk dialed” :-P All i know was that it wasn’t my birthday yet people were wishing me happy belated…
    and you’re missing quite a lot of pictures… UPLOAD!!!

  2. Ha! Love the photos. Such lovely looking ladies and gents. And seriously, you need to speed up this posting stuff. You’re a month behind!

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