December Happenings

Happy New Year! I think we celebrate New Year’s (and birthdays, incidentally) by drunk dialing/texting people. Lovely, no? :)

I meant to post more than I did in December, I really did, but work got so busy and then I went to visit the family in MD, and dude we stayed up late all the time (Leaf likens it to Guantanamo, yet if I don’t keep up, Kay calls me a pansy!) and somehow I didn’t get on the computer to blog.

But I’m gonna be random and talk about December stuffs anyways, since I took photos for this, even though I didn’t post them. Whatevs!
keyboard and keys
So… I spilled wine all over my keyboard — dude you never saw me shut down my computer so fast before. I didn’t dawdle! Yut had to take it apart and I took a photo with the keys off, but I forgot to take one from before he cleaned it off. Duuuuuuude, the keyboard was dusty and dirty inside! It didn’t look too bad from the outside, but after the keys were off there was dust like a blanket of snow. Yeah gross! My keyboard wasn’t too hard to take apart and put back together, and once it dried, everything was hunky dory.

The other random thing that I took a photo of is my broken thumbnail. Dude, broken nails are yucks. I always have visions of my whole nail falling off and I’m almost to scared to look. Not that it was that bad, but it was bad enough. And my thumb tip was kinda sensitive for a week after cos it’s used to being covered by a little more nail. Typing kinda sucked… and all sorts of other things. Opposable thumbs, so important!
Broken Thumbnail
Guess what? It happened when I went bowling. Dude, I haven’t been bowling in like 8 years, and 2 days after Leaf and K mention that they break their thumbnails bowling, I go bowling and I break my thumbnail! Wacky! I suck at bowling btw. We played two games and I managed a 60-something the first game and I think a 40 my second game. I don’t know why they even make gutters on the lanes! WHY BOTHER?! :p


  1. Happy New Year!! I dropped my bowling ball once right at the front, trying to roll it down instead of throwing it, and it ran sideways into the gutter.

  2. The worst bowling toss I ever did: on the back swing, the ball flew out of my hands and went flying behind me. But I can still kick your butt at bowling. Cheeze, 60?! And you forgot to take the vitamins!

  3. hahaha, i’m with you on the bowling… i suck, but i dont care :-P
    and i’ve done that to my keyboard before!…i think it was coke though. and it was nasty when i yanked off all the keys, not just from the coke but from all the other crap that ended up in there…
    of course when i tried it with my laptop, i lost my ctrl key -_-;; so never again. lol

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