Still Bitter

We went to visit my family this December holiday, and besides cards and video games and not enough sleep, Kay brought Taboo, which was surprisingly fun.
More Taboo
EXCEPT! One of our games we played females vs males (chicks vs. dicks:p), and on my turn, my word was “dungeon.” I thought I was being so clever and started saying, “role playing game, played on paper,” and what I thought was the kicker, “multi-sided dice.” All of my teammates had blank expressions on their faces. All of my opponents were practically rolling on the floor laughing. I mean dude, I’ve never playing Dungeons & Dragons, and neither had some of them, but we all knew what it was!!! The only one on my team who even managed a guess was Yuli, the youngest, who ventured, “Magic?” The rest of them came up with nothing but, “Uh…” GAAAAAH!!!

Then they tried to claim it was cos they weren’t dorky nerds.  Hmmph.  I mean, knowing what Dungeons & Dragons is doesn’t mean you’re a nerd (not that nerd is necessarily a bad thing); it’s  a cultural thing, like Mario or Donkey Kong or MONA LISA, not a nerd thing!  (Yes guys, I’m still going on about this. :p)

And, look, on today’s PostSecret:

There ya go, now all of you know what he’s referring to, kind of. See? Cultural! :D


  1. haha im starting to think you’re never gonna let us live this down

  2. just wait for the rematch…whenever they come out with new cards…

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