Succumbing to Peer Pressure

Okay okay, it’s really more like I was encouraged to get off my butt, but whatever! The point is, I’ve finally finished uploading photos from last year. What? No pat on back? :p

I think it’s pretty representative of what we did. Lessee, there was a big Christmas Eve dinner with the extended family, including some Wii and some Taboo and some cards (of course), there was birthday party for misa, there was a lot of eating, more games, sister got her ears pierced, etcetc. About the only thing not covered was the shopping. CT kept taking us shopping and somehow we ended up closing down multiple malls on multiple days. Honestly, she’s talented. I just started to whine and talk about how I’d rather just steal her stuff. (“Bad sister!”)

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  1. haha classic.
    but are those all the pics you took?!?! or are you still being lazy??

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