Groundhog Day

Does no one care about this holiday (it is a holiday, right?) anymore? Today, I checked a couple of newspapers, expecting some blurb on the front page, but I didn’t see anything. I finally went and searched google for it, and y’know what? The first news link for it was from a British paper! Maybe cos it’s bad news — we have more winter coming, and no one wants to hear it.


  1. I care!! What? More Winter?! So yesterday, we got 50-some degrees. I was literally wearing a tank top midday. Tonight, it’s snowing.

  2. yeah, I think the groundhog is only right like 40% of the time anyway. If I were to judge by today’s weather, I would say spring is definitely here, and he’s soooo wrong. On the other hand, I read some article about how some years, widespread flu doesn’t arrive ’til late, and if I get flu, I associate it with winter, so… does that mean the groundhog is sorta right? :p

  3. haha, omg so wrong!

    The subtitles are the best — sometimes the poor guy actually sounds about right but the subtitles exaggerate everything. :)

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