Super Bowl: Pretty Good

The first half was pretty much whatevers. But the end was pretty exciting! Lead changes! A safety! Not bad at all. Of course, I think I thought last year was pretty good, and it took us a moment to even remember who played, so by next year I’ll have forgotten all.

Ads were mostly not too bad, my fave was the Coca-Cola Heist ad.

It’s pretty! And happy! And I like the music (Peter’s theme) from Peter & the Wolf! :)

The Alec Baldwin Huluwood ad was pretty good too.

Well those, and maybe a couple of others were the ones I noticed. But I didn’t watch them all, especially the first half? Three-quarters? :) Any other good ones out there?

Oh, and if you didn’t watch any, and you’re curious, you can watch them all at adage or hulu.


  1. the commercials were pretty terrible this year imo

    nothing stood out as hilarious

    oh god was the game good. i went nuts when fitzgerald ran for that td..

    that catch by holmes was pretty ridic though

  2. Thanks for the commercial link. You know that’s all I was looking for. :)

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