Somehow it strikes me as funny that today is Friday the 13th and tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Actually Valentine’s is the 14th so this can’t be that uncommon, but I don’t remember noting it before, so it’s a new thought for me. :p

Although speaking of bad luck, the other day — and it wasn’t today, so it’s not anything to do with triskaidekaphobia — I had another one of those mornings. I had bad hair so I went to pony tail the damned mess and while I was trying to put the hair band on, it flew out of my hands and into the toilet. So I fished it out (gross) and washed my hands, and had to go find another hair band (I always lose them!) and then I went to put a clip on to keep my shorter front layer up, and the clip fell into the toilet! What are the chances?! So I fished out the clip and threw it away too. I know I could’ve washed it, but I dunno… just felt yucks about it, so I didn’t. Kimochi warui! So I got another clip and put it on, but then the plastic decoration piece on it fell off! So I had to get yet another one! So that’s two hair bands and three clips in one morning! Gah.

Okay, but actually, and I hope I don’t jinx myself, this particular Friday hasn’t turned out so badly, no particular mishaps. And tomorrow is Valentine’s which is whatever, but more importantly, it’s the weekend. And even better, it’s a long weekend — Monday is Presidents’ Day. Which is good cos I am hella sleepy and tired and I’m not even done with the work day yet.

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  1. Ha! Talk about a bad hair day. Getting a lot of 3-pointers. :)

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