I just remembered, I can write a post and schedule it for later. I know I know, WordPress has been able to do that for a while now. I guess I’m sort of an ignoramus about a lot of things besides basketball, but whatevs!

So the brackets, and if you don’t see yours, and you have 15 minutes to submit it:

me – Louisville

2009 - Al - Syracuse over Kansas
Al – Syracuse, submitted relatively early! Not sure that means any extra time was spent (usually it’s 15 minutes, no?) :)

2009 - Ant - Louisville over UNC
Ant – Louisville

2009 - CT - Villanova over UConn
Rockstar aka CT – Villanova. She told me she had a new system that was surefire, but it’s her old system, only instead of a Sims character, it’s a Sims family — Villanova is a family name in her Sims town! Gawd, if she loses, that family is going to suffer the wrath of a vengeful God. Like Charlotte.

2009 - jimyo - Duke over Memphis
Jimyo – Duke

2009 - Lew - UNC over UConn
Lew – UNC. The first entry! Thanks, Lew. :)

2009 - misa - Wake Forest vs UNC
misa – Wake Forest vs UNC, I’ll have to go get the rest of the information from her later. I can’t believe she’s letting exams and studying and whatnot get in the way of filling out her bracket properly! :p
Update: misa says UNC. :)

2009 - Special K - Duke over Wake Forest
Special K – Duke

2009 - SuperFly - UNC over Memphis
Super Fly (aka Steve if you are looking at previous years’ results for comparison, which I’m guessing is none of you!) – UNC

2009 - YB - UNC over Memphis

2009 - YuHK - UNC over Memphis

2009 - yut - Pittsburgh over Louisville
Yut – Pittsburgh

Good luck everyone! (Especially me!)

Oh I got one more, just under the wire.
2009 - lingo - Memphis over Pittsburgh
Lingo – Memphis


  1. I always want Pitt to win, but they always choke. Not this year!!

  2. yeah, 15 minutes to pick and it looks like i’m the only picking 1 seeds to go down in flames!!!! Connecticut and Pitt were my initial pick, but i figured people would be picking Pitt to go all the way and changed it.
    And Cal goes down hard…

  3. Oh man, so many people here picked Maryland over Cal.

  4. cos Maryland roxors! :) Hello, terps = cute!
    Also, ACC > Pac-10, in basketball at least:p

    This picking against the 1 seeds could go really well or really badly… I was too chicken, alas.

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