Entirely Too Much Chalkiness

Even though I didn’t do too well in the first round, it was still pretty awesome to see the 10, 11, and 12 seeds still hanging in. Even if it completely screws up my bracket, the possibility of a double digit seeded team doing well in the tournament balances out my disappointment enough. But this weekend, all of that was over. Almost every higher seeded team beat every lower seeded team; only Purdue (5) beat Washington (4), and in fact, only Purdue and Arizona (12 seed who beat Cleveland State, a 13 seed) aren’t ranked 1-4. Yup, how pathetic is that. All I can say is, I don’t want to see another year where there are 4 number 1s in the Final Four! (Even though last year was quite a triumph for me.)

And in case you are thinking that you should’ve just picked the higher seeded teams every time, given this weekend’s results, well if you had done so, you would not be winning this pool!

Round 2

Ant: 52
CT: 51
Lew, Lingo, Chalk (see? you wouldn’t be first, you’d be tied for third): 50
Al, Jimyo: 49
misa, YB, POTUS: 47
me, SpeK, yut: 45 (this is like my year to be tied with SpeK, hmmph!)
YuHK: 44
Steve: 42

Well, Ant (whom some of you may know from DR) is in first. Yup, he’s overtaken CT’s lead. Still, CT’s only one point behind, and Lew and Lingo are right after her (tied with Chalk), and Al and Jimyo are both in it too.

Last year, I didn’t get Steve’s submission ’til late, so I had to penalize him, and he still wasn’t last. This year… not so good. And I can’t seem to shake off K! We keep ending up with the same score! Gaaaaah! Actually, all of our previous winners are in the bottom half of the standings. I’m tied with Yut (and K) and Misa and YB (and the President) are just 2 points ahead.

You know what though? If I’ve calculated it correctly, the collective wisdom, based on frequency, bracket would be doing the best! Yup, if we could all just get together, we would win! But what’s the fun in that? :p

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  1. not cool with lew beating me…

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