Okay people, I know you are busy researching the subject, but you have <24 hours left before I need your bracket! So far, I have two! One of them is from Lew and Virginia didn't even make it, which means he must've had a harder time deciding what teams to advance. (Actually Virginia beat Maryland in the last game of the regular season and I almost had a heart attack cos I thought Maryland might not make it AND IT WAS ALL VIRGINIA'S FAULT! Ahem, I digress.) The other is from Special K, who picked Air Force all the way in 2006, good thing there's no men in uniforms for her to pick this year. The rest of you, get to picking! And don't tell me you're too busy cos the President finished his! He obviously recognizes the cultural importance of this event, and took time out of his busy schedule to participate. I am entering him into the pool although I suspect he knows a bit too much to be truly a know nothing. I doubt he'll win anyways with the powerhouses we have participating. :)