Shock and Awe

Day 2

I don’t know how this is happening, but it’s happening, and it’s no one day fluke. At this point, it’s a two day fluke. Yup, that CT, she’s still in the lead, all by herself. At least it wasn’t like she picked one game wrong. But everyone did a little worse on the second day, so twelve was the highest anyone got.

The current standings:
CT: 27 (!!!)
Ant, Lew, Lingo, YuHK: 24
Jimyo, me, misa, Special K, YB: 23
Al, Yut: 21
Steve: 20

Crazy right? The only consolation is that Yut isn’t doing so well. :D

I really don’t want him to win three times in five years. That would be ridic.


  1. Don’t worry about that. I’ll take care of it. I’ll take care of everybody.

  2. i dont know if i would prefer ct to win or yut to win third time….
    either way, i’m blown i lost my wake forest… i don’t know what i was thinking at 2 in the morning by trusting in them…but no more going with my instincts… -_-;;

  3. I think you and Jimyo are the only ones who called Duke to win it all, so you just have to beat Jimyo and root really hard for Duke, however distasteful that may be. :D

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