So Far This Weekend

Sorry guys for the lack of updating. YB came to visit this weekend, and we were out doing other things instead of paying attention to basketball. Actually, we talked about basketball a lot more than we do relatively, but it was a v. low absolute amount of basketball. Still, I heard enough to know this was a crazy weekend! Crazy bad if you’re me (and even worse for some others, but let’s talk about that later), and crazy good if you’re… well, you’ll see.

Elite 8 Day 1

CT: 77 (!!!!!!!!!!!)
Ant: 71
Lew, YB(!): 69
Al: 68
mim: 66
Lingo: 65
Jimyo: 64
yut: 63
misa, YuHK: 56
SpeK, Steve: 54

If you’re paying attention to it, the Collective Wisdom bracket is at 71 points, and sadly, if you’d just picked chalk, you’d be at 72. But nevermind all that! CT is back at the top of the standings! Seriously what’s going on?! Is this really the year that her Sims method (where she picks a team to win based on her The Sims characters and family names and then randomly picks whatever else — I think) shows its dominance? Well it’s not set in stone yet, but… scary. You know what I think is set in stone though? I think K is gonna get beat by most of us, and definitely by Lew. And I am pretty sure that Steve is gonna get beat by most of us, and definitely by YB. Yup it’s a fight for last place! K vs. Steve! Special (K) vs. Super (Fly)! Ok, but when you’re last, your score gets reported in color and bold, just like if you’re in first place. So at least there’s that, right?

Sadly, I don’t think there’s going to be a repeat. In fact, I think there’s going to be a brand new winner this year, cos NONE of the previous winners are doing that well. I think a quote from Scarlett O’Hara is is in order here, “after all, tomorrow is another day” of basketball! :p


  1. how is this possible…
    only one answer to this… ct cheated!!
    yes, i am playing that card. cuz i can.
    i’m not too sure who steve is, but he just became my new best friend.

  2. I’m finally where I belong.

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