This Can’t Be Happening

CT’s new secret strategy, the one she refused to discuss when she visited me, the one I laughed at her for, was worth keeping secret after all. She’s in the LEAD!!! Whaaaaaaaa?!

Here, look for yourselves:
Day 1
Let me say again, whaaaaaaa?! She missed one game! ONE! Actually though, as a group, we all did very well; the lowest score was a 12, which in previous years has been the high score.

The standings:
CT: 15
mim, Special K: 14
Lew, Yut: 13
Al, Ant, Jimyo, Lingo, misa, Supafly, YB, YuHK: 12
Barack (the POTUS): 11 (haha)
And I put together a “collective wisdom” bracket too, basing the picks on whatever team got picked the most, like a popularity contest for the picks, kinda like on ESPN’s National Bracket but just for our pool, and that one got 13 points.

Normally, I would be making all sorts of comments about K being tied with me and in second (surely worth a few !!!). And about Yut and Lew, doing well and tied — this has happened before, right? But honestly, I’m having too hard of a time with CT’s standing to concentrate on the rest. Anyways, the only thing I can say is, CT’s done this before (2007 and 2006), if not quite so impressively (ONE game!), but she hasn’t won yet. Gawd, I am mean, can’t even let her just savor the moment. :D


  1. Bow down to me all you loozers. I will rock all of your socks off this year.

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