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I haaaaate spring forward. The whole missing out on sleep and then having to reset clocks is yucks! Actually I don’t necessarily change the time much, cos except for the cell phone and computer clocks, which update themselves, I have been known to leave the other clocks and just account for the hour difference until it’s time to fall back. Anyway, it’s kinda sad on Sunday morning (or afternoon, whatevs) to wake up and realize it’s a whole hour later than you thought it was.

But you know one important clock that I always forget? The ones on the cameras! And then it’s a pain cos it gets written into the EXIF data, and then it’s wrong forever! Actually there’s probably a way to fix it, but can you imagine trying to fix 100 photos? Yuck. So… it’s really a reminder for me, but in case anyone else forgot too (it can’t be just me:p), don’t forget the camera clocks. :) [photodoto]

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  1. Ohh good one. I’m good about changing all the clocks (even the coffeemaker!) but I completely forgot about the cameras. I don’t like the time change either. So tempted to fall back on coffee.

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