At Least Decriminalize It

Thoughts on Pot vs Alcohol from a former Police Chief

If one of these two drugs is implicated in dire health effects, high mortality rates, and physical violence–and the other is not–what are we to make of our nation’s marijuana laws? Or alcohol laws, for that matter.

Anybody out there want to launch a campaign for the re-prohibition of alcohol? Didn’t think so. The answer, of course, is responsible drinking. Marijuana smokers, for their part, have already shown (apart from that little matter known as the law) greater responsibility in their choice of drugs than those of us who choose alcohol.

The crazy thing (to me) is that Prohibition in the US lasted only for thirteen years, while marijuana which has few negative effects and proven medical uses has been illegal … well I dunno, but if you count from the Controlled Substance Act of 1970, then 39 years?! [via Daring Fireball]

I just had two posts about drugs in a row, ha, oh well — today’s April 20 and coincidentally I’m feeling a lot better, better enough to think about blogging, I guess; the inhaler, cough syrup, and antibiotics really worked whatever I had. Still coughing a little bit — the doctor says sometimes it takes a while for the mucus membranes to calm back down. Or something like that.


  1. i think this cop came to visit my school once. i never went though.
    a few yrs ago, i wrote a paper on how legalizing the stuff would help the economy… well technically lew put it together, i just did the research :-P But apparently the stuff was placed under a category during the nixon administration without proper evidence…something about it not having any medicinal use and other things like that. i dont really remember the details, and no, I wasn’t high, I’m just getting old. But anyway, now that the evidence proves otherwise, nobody has the balls to decriminalize the stuff. Oh well.
    Glad to hear you’re feeling better though.

  2. I really think Marijuana should be legal for medicinal use in every state.

    I ♥ Glass Pipes

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