Michigan State won!!! NOBODY in this pool called Michigan State. In fact, a lot of people, including me, thought they were ranked too high or something and picked them to make a rather early (or at least earlier than their rank would indicate) exit. But nooooo, they made it, they upset Louisville and they upset UConn and now they are going to the finals on Monday. The next Final Four game, Villanova vs. UNC will start in a few moments. It is sooo sooo important. Y’see, there’s only ONE person who picked Villanova to go this far and to get into the final, and that person is CT, our current leader. (Complete non sequitur: I suddenly had visions of Kim Jong-il when I typed the words “our leader.” I blame Team America.) On the other hand, if UNC wins, Ant will once again overtake CT for the lead, closely followed by Lew (honestly, UVa making the NCAA Championship Tournament has been nothing but helpful for him) and YB (who in previous years has spent time near the bottom, so this is a complete turnaround). If UNC wins it all, then Lew and YB will TIE!!! A first (although there’s that tiebreaker of course)! If Michigan State wins then Ant will win it all. And it goes without saying that if Villanova wins it all, CT will be the winner. CT, the one who called me not an hour ago to ask if Villanova was any good, and did they have a chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geezus. I’ll post again after the UNC-Villanova game. Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been sick, and worse (in terms of time suckage) I’ve been watching the Korean version of Boys Before Flowers; I’m finished with that one now, but I’ve started Meteor Garden, which is the Taiwanese version of the same story. It’s a sickness all in itself. Julie and Al (who can’t earn any more points, although that describes a lot of us) are the ones who told me about Boys Before Flowers. Erm, thanks! :p

Current standings:
CT: 77
Ant: 75
Lew, YB: 73
Al: 68
yut: 67
mim: 66
Lingo: 65
Jimyo: 64
misa, YuHK: 60
Steve: 58 He managed to call one more game correctly, so…
SpeK: 54 we can safely call SpeK for last. Congrats! :)

Final Four

Villanova lost! CT’s hopes are dashed!

Ant: 81 (but he can’t earn any more points)
Lew*, YB*: 79 (but if UNC wins they will earn more points)
CT: 77
Al: 68
Yut: 67
mim, misa*, YuHK*: 66
Lingo: 65
Jimyo, Steve*: 64
SpeK: 54

* denotes the possibility of 8 more points if UNC wins it all.

Yup, it all comes down to if UNC wins or not. If UNC wins, then it’s Lew or YB, whoever guessed closer to the total points scored in the championship game (Lew: 143; YB: 166). If UNC loses, then no one will earn any more points and Ant will win! It all comes down to Monday.

Dude, basically 4 people completely kicked ass. Only Ant, Lew, YB, and CT got more than 70 points! And YB! In the hunt for first place! She hasn’t made it out of the middle of the pack and has challenged for last before! (Let this be an encouragement for you, K!) Lew’s actually been in first place for a couple of days in the past, just hasn’t won it all, so it’s a little bit less amazing, I suppose. Well, in any case, I can promise one thing: your prize may be nothing or anything, but it will definitely not be a kiss and a handshake. Or a trip to Chicago!!! Hmmmmmph! I hate being totally outta the running! I can’t even earn any more points! Gaaaaaah!