I went to see the doctor yesterday to beg for relief from my cough which has been keeping me (and Yut) up at night; the over the counter Robitussin, honey and tea, Ricola, etcetc weren’t working. I was starting to feel like a zombie from the lack of sleep. Also Yut’s requests for me to go see the doctor were getting more insistent, since he was suffering with me. It’s not that I have anything against going to see the doctor, but I kept thinking it was a cold, maybe the flu, and if it’s viral, there’s really not that much a doctor can do except tell you to rest and drink plenty of fluids. And I’d already taken four days off from work over this (although granted, no more than two consecutive days at a time), and I’ve been guzzling tea and water and soup. Well I guess three weeks worth of coughing with three days of fever and a coughing fit in the doctor’s office (and pathetic begging for sleep) means a small pharmacy’s worth of drugs.


There’s an antibiotic, an inhaler, and Cheratussin AC which is a cough syrup with codeine. Btw, the cough syrup doesn’t help as much as you’d think because the dose is 1-2 teaspoons every 4-6 hours, but I’ve been taking it every three hours at night because I wake up with a coughing fit about three hours after I take it. It’s still better than never quite falling asleep all the way because of coughing all night, but it’s not quite the awesomeness I was hoping for. And all of these medications are expensive, $55 even with insurance! This doesn’t include the co-pays for doctor’s visits. Health care is crazy — it’s scary to think what I would do without insurance. I mean, if I worked at a job with no insurance, I think I would have to seriously think about hoping it all goes away on its own — how do you afford to see the doctor (I think the visits are listed at $70 before insurance on my receipts) and medicine and days off? Frightening.

Anyways, this is probably more than you wanted to know about my medications, but I stayed home from work again today (slept ’til 2pm) so it’s basically all that’s “happened” to me today. :p

Well, wait, that’s not true! Yut’s selling turnips cos they went up to 551 bells this week!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS! Our lil Animal Crossing folks are RICH! Yut’s promised me a town fountain. :D


  1. hahahah turnips :-P
    did the doc tell you whats wrong? sounds pretty bad :-/

  2. omg a fountain?!? that’s so awesome!!! is it like the city?!
    bummer about your cold – hope these meds do the trick! this rain makes me want to sleep.

  3. Ok, this is really late, and you’ve probably gotten over it, but have you tried using a humidifier at night? Sorry to hear you’re sick. :(

  4. you should send that syrup my way

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