UNC: Didn’t Embarrass the President

When President Barack Obama made his picks, he said, “Now, for the Tar Heels who are watching, I picked you all last year — you let me down. This year, don’t embarrass me in front of the nation, all right? I’m counting on you. I still got those sneakers you guys gave me.”

The admonition worked; the Tar Heels won, 89-72! They didn’t even ever have any close games (or am I forgetting something?), and the final game was certainly not close. I never saw Michigan State do better than within 15 points (I think at one point they were within 13 but I didn’t see it, I think I was sleeping zzzzzz). You know what that means! Yan and Lew TIED! Strangely, the actual championship game wasn’t close at all, but our pool was as close as it could be. The tiebreaker, that Total Points Scored in Championship Game field that seems useless and is an afterthought for everyone, actually came into play! The total points scored in the championship game was 161, and YB guessed 166, which is closer than 143 which is what Lew said so… YB is the winner! Congratulations!!! My goodness, all those years battling for last, but this year, triumph! She wins a congratulatory text message. :D

Final Standings:
YB: 87
Lew: 87
Ant: 81
(POTUS: 80)
CT: 77
misa, YuHK: 74
Steve: 72 (what a comeback!)
Al: 68
Yut: 67
mim: 66
Lingo: 65
Jimyo: 64
Special K: 54


  1. i picked 166 pts b/c i was thinking it’d be 89-77 — so if only michigan state did better by 5 pts.

    i’m happy not to be last or near last as i have been in years past. i think i’ll retire while i’m still on top! :)

  2. just wait….youuuuuuu juuussssst waiiiit. next year, i’ll take out ct, and then lew! and you all won’t know what hit you!!!!!! GR!! >:o

  3. Aw man… close one this year! I completely forgot to check in on Mim’s pool. At least I was close this year… will probably be way off next year. Thx Mim!

  4. thanks yut :)
    i savored my congratulatory txt, yes i did! :D

  5. btw, i was really happy to have beaten CT. :D

  6. I will have to kidnap your dog now in retaliation.

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