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There are two new tart frozen yogurt places in Berkeley — that I know of — for a total of five tart frozen yogurt places and at least seven frozen yogurt places total (tart and sweet alike). It’s madness! I’m not complaining, mind, but I’m just shocked that there is this much market for frozen yogurt in one place. Even accounting for the different parts of town they are in, it’s still amazing.

The two new places are the self-serve types, meaning you grab a bowl and put however much yogurt, however many flavors, and whatever toppings you like, then pay by weight. Yes, you can see the problem already, can’t you? It’s hard to get just a little bit, it never looks like much and it’s yogurt, healthy yummy yogurt. It’s also hard(er) to not go. Like… after dinner, when you’re so full, but well, you can just get a little bit of yogurt, so why not. (And by “you” I mean “me.”)

In case there was any doubt, I’ve tried all of the places. Creations on Shattuck between Channing and Durant and charges 36¢ per ounce and Yogurtland on Bancroft near Telegraph (although the website says they are also opening one on Shattuck) charges 30¢ per ounce. They’re both good, but Creations has more of the fruity flavors that I like. The one time I went to Yogurtland, there were green tea, coconut, chocolate, tiramisu, and cherry vanilla flavors amongst others, but Creations had blueberry, mango, lychee, passion fruit, strawberry, chocolate, and green tea flavors (amongst others, I don’t go enough to have both menus memorized I swear!!!). On the other hand, Yogurtland has biodegradable spoons, and regular Cap’n Crunch which is a plus. Creations so far only has Crunch Berries so if I only want the regular Cap’n I have to pick them out of the Crunch Berries. But overall, I think I like Creations a little better than Yogurtland.

Compared to my old favorite, Yogurt Harmony (where they serve you, have compostable everything, regular Cap’n Crunch, and free wireless), it’s tough. Because even with all of those advantages for Yogurt Harmony, it’s nice to be able to decide to mix three flavors and a little bit of three toppings and control (or not control) how much to get. I think Creations is especially a good value if you like flavored (instead of plain) tart and if you want a little bit of multiple toppings. So I go to both, depending on what I feel like — Yogurt Harmony for plain yogurt with two or no toppings, and Creations for lychee, mango, passion fruit yogurt with mochi, and/or Cap’n Crunch. I’ve mentioned the compostable spoons and Cap’n Crunch problems to the Creations folks, so hopefully they will fix that. It’s getting to be nicer weather, so I am back to a minimum of once per week, so I dunno, maybe they won’t fix it because no one cares; I’m just weird!

Haha, just had the following chat with Yut:

yut: they will just kill each other’s business after a year when the craze starts to fade
mim: It worries me cos I mean… I want the ones I like to make it
mim: This talking about yogurt makes me want some
yut: you can’t support their livelihood all by yourself



  1. There’s this chain from Canada called Yogen Fruz which I tried last week. You pick from an assortment of frozen fruits or crumbled Oreos and they blend it into the frozen yogurt of your choice (vanilla or chocolate). So you can pick say, frozen cherries blended into a chocolate flavored yogurt. Then you can select from another assortment of toppings (Cap n’ Crunch, Oreos, nuts, fruits). Very fun to watch and eat. Is that what your places are like or is this another different way of marketing frozen yogurt?

  2. leaf, these are self-serve machines. They have an entire wall of frozen yogurt machines, each with a different flavor. Customers get a cup, fill it with any mixture of yogurt and any of dozens of toppings. Then the cups are weighed and charged based on the weight. In addition to allowing you to get creative, it also scales nicely since there isn’t the bottleneck of waiting for the employee to prepare each person’s order.

    It’s not like yogen fruz which blends “toppings” into the yogurt (kind of like Cold Stone Creamery). There is a small chain in Southern California called “21 Choices” that does these custom blended frozen yogurts.

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