Batteries and Phobias and Stephen King

So this is the battery from my MacBook Pro. Unfortunately, the laptop is out of warranty and the battery wasn’t one of the recall batteries (although I thought it ought to have been, I mean, look at it!). I’m a Windows user for the most part so it was a lightly used machine, so I don’t know how this happened, but I took it to the Apple store and they said I would just have to get a new battery.

You know what though? I carried it to the nearest Apple store in my backpack and the whole time I was kind of nervous because I was afraid the battery would burst and kill me. Like in the Dead Zone. At this point, I don’t remember much about the book EXCEPT for that scene with the car battery bursting, killing someone. So my shoulder blades tickled the whole way there. Then the Genius or whatever (after he telling me he couldn’t help me) said that I should not put the battery back in the laptop since if it leaked it might damage the electronics. Aarrgghh! Okay okay, how was he supposed to know that I read some book like a million years ago and developed a battery phobia? But still, never mind the laptop, what about my spine?!?!?!

And yesterday on my way home, some dude was working on his car, and he had a huge car battery on the sidewalk and I had to walk right by it and OMG! I was kind of nervous; he was in his car, but someone was walking behind me so I had to pretend to be normal as I walked by his car and that battery. :p

I should write him a letter:

Dear Stephen King,
You have scarred me for life! I have phobias that I can trace directly to your books. Thanks a lot!

I wonder if he gets a lot of these letters or if I’m just particularly wimpy.


  1. hahahaha
    macbook pro?? awesome!!! i wanna seeee!

  2. wait a second… you traitor! serves you right for switching from windows! shame on youuuuu!

  3. i stopped reading at macbook pro

    btw, i have HoN beta keys if you and tigs are interested

  4. Whilst building a battery pack out of lithium cells, one one them exploded, causing a massive flash, exceptionally loud bang and a room full of hydrogen and smoke.
    This was caused by a faulty AA size, 3.6volt cell.
    I can understand how you feel.
    I still worry just looking at domestic pen lite batteries.
    I don’t know what this will do for your fear but I am willing to exchange email corrispondence if it helps.

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