We went to see Green Day‘s American Idiot musical at Berkeley Rep today — the Saturday matinee. Usually, since it’s a matinee, we’re somewhat surrounded by older gray haired types who sometimes fall asleep and snore or talk too loudly, being somewhat hard of hearing. But this time, there wasn’t quite the same preponderance of older folk. And they all stayed awake. And if they talked too loudly it didn’t matter too much. :)

I really enjoyed American Idiot. It was fun and there were moments where I got teary, a bit. And it’s not like I’m a huge Green Day fan with every single album and the words to most of their songs memorized at all, so if you’re near Berkeley, you should totally go. I will say that Yut saw two older folks leave after the second song. And the older lady next to me had her fingers in her ears for some parts — she maybe should have gotten the earplugs Berkeley Rep had available. But I think she enjoyed herself anyway.

But you know what was pretty exciting? Mike Dirnt the bassist was there! He came with a small group and sat like eight seats away! Dooooood! This is my first celebrity sighting that didn’t involve Ted Koppel!!! Anyways, I think it was Mike Dirnt. People were asking for his autograph afterwards, and he did a bunch and directed everyone’s compliments towards the cast, who “do this twice a day” can you imagine? I didn’t want to be the first to ask for his autograph, but once other people did, I jumped right in!

My Program, Signed!