Yesterday I was tired and achy all day with a low grade fever (~99°F). Then, for the first time since… elementary school? or kindergarten? I threw up (from being sick, not from being drunk:p). All I was trying to do was cook some innocuous bok choy and I couldn’t.

I didn’t eat too much at work today because the thought of yakking all over someone else’s desk was worse than the hunger. Now I can’t tell if I’m dizzy/nauseated from hunger or cos I’m sick.

What do you think? Mild food poisoning of some sort? Flu? Dude, if it’s some kind of flu, then it’s like the third time this year after years of good health. I think I’ve been sick for a quarter of the year.


  1. puhahahha, i hope this is what I think it is. The link isn’t working for some reason though…

  2. haha i like how you edited this post and my comment still stands. :-P
    preggerz?! hahahaha
    ok, i know, not funny. :-P
    take some airborne!!

  3. OMG I’m going to be an AUNT!! Yippee!! WOOHOO!

  4. You should probably try to eat a little bit. Give into whatever cravings you have! :)

  5. omg, I throw up once and everyone thinks I’m pregnant. Dude, any second now I’m gonna be the victim of another game of “operator.” :p

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