Giant Spider

There is a giant spider outside our door. It made its web between the banister and the ceiling and it is freaky! Super freaky!
Spider in the Nighttime
To avoid this spider we are walking the other direction to the further stairs. He’s just catching bugs, not bothering anyone, but jeeeeezus… from top to bottom, legs to legs, he’s probably one and a half inches at least!
Luckily he’s on the side of the web that’s away from us. But then if we do walk under him and he jumps or something, I’ll probably die from a heart attack.


  1. yikes…gettin itchy just by lookin at it…

  2. The web is gone today… s/he was on the ceiling. Maybe contemplating a new web design.

  3. hmm maybe someone ripped it up… must be plotting revenge.
    .-= Special K´s last blog: Ear Plugs =-.

  4. it looked like it has a kid in the first picture. scary

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