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Last weekend, Yut helped me clean install Windows 7 on my computer. I started to reinstall all of my fave apps, but I got stuck at the Sims 3, so I didn’t get to Picasa 3.5 ’til yesterday. Doooood, it has this new name tag feature, which is kind of like the way facebook tags people photos, and like the way flickr allows you to tag people now.

The really neato burrito thing about Picasa is that if you tag one person, it tries to guess what other photos have this person, so there’s less manual tagging. How cool is that?! The only bad thing is that it’s having a really hard time telling me, my mum, and my sister apart. But even that’s kind of cool! :) Or maybe I’m just a dork, but I like it!


  1. haha cool about picasa!! but what’s with the getting stuck on sims 3?
    I’ve been hearing ppl are having issues with their software after installing windows 7… like my friend wasn’t able to get her printer to work afterwards and she tried reinstalling it… calling hp… all that good stuff. eventually, hp just played around with it and installed the software for a totally different printer and it worked…

  2. hehe btw, how are you liking it?

  3. oops, when I said “getting stuck” I meant I started to play it and then stopped doing anything else. :p

    I like Windows 7, but not like I like it better than XP — I think both are fine. I do like Win 7 better than Vista — my startup and shutdown times are much better than in Vista. I haven’t had any problems yet, so knock on wood and all that.

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