Software Recommendations

Speaking of reinstalling, what applications do you have to have on your computer?

My list, in no particular order:

  • Mozilla Firefox with Mouse Gestures add-on
    I’m used to it, Chrome installs per user instead of per computer which irritates me and has no mouse gestures, Safari also has no mouse gestures that I know of — please correct me if I’m wrong, cos it is the prettiest, and I dunno, I never got used to Opera.
  • Thunderbird with Lightning add-on
    Email + Calendar with google calendar sync and no Outlook
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection
    For antivirus because it’s licensed by work. But I’ve heard good things about Microsoft Security Essentials, so I would try that if I needed one for free because I wouldn’t pay for antivirus at this point.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
    Not cos I like this program, cos I don’t. But I need to view pdfs sometimes, and the other viewers I’ve tried, like Foxit, didn’t always display everything correctly.
  • PDFCreator
    To make pdfs
  • Digsby
    For email notification and IM
  • Picasa
    3.5 has name tags! Very spiffy! And it’s easy to use.
  • Flickr Uploadr
    I need to upload photos.
  • SSH Secure Shell
    I need to find a replacement for this, so suggestions welcome.
  • iTunes
    For my iPod Shuffle.
  • Adobe Flash Player
    I don’t like this! But Flash is all over every restaurant’s site and I need it for YouTube, to name just two things!
  • The Sims 3
    I have a mild addiction. I blame Al and Julie cos they got the game for me (thanks guys!), but if I’m being truthful, I have been addicted to previous versions of the Sims, so I’m not sure I should really be blaming anyone. I try to only play on weekends, but sometimes I slip.
  • Microsoft Office
    For when my sister sends me spreadsheets of what beauty products she’s buying and says I can add on what I want. :D

That’s all I can think of for now. Any recommendations? What do y’all use? :)


  1. LOL at your use of microsoft office :-P
    annnd… I thought you got a mac? Is this for your desktop?

  2. nope, that was a work mac, and I gave it back. This is for my personal computer. :)

  3. i highly recommend noscript and adblock plus addons for firefox

    i’m using comodo as my antivirus/firewall etc cause it’s free, and nerd-recommended

    mpc is prolly your best video player, just get cccp for codecs

    foobar2000 because itunes is shit, and the only reason to have it is to add music to your ipod

  4. Try out SharePod to add/remove music from your iPod

  5. Hrmm, an iTunes replacement would be nice actually. Does foobar do smart playlists? Like if I want to create a playlist of all the songs that are labeled as being “pop” or something.

  6. no, it’s just very minimalistic, but very customizable

    you can try winamp too if you want, it’s a close second imo

    i’ll have to look into sharepod cause itunes is a memory hog, and adds extra processes

  7. that’s exactly my problem with iTunes also, but I really need a music organizer in addition to player and ipod manager. Yut also mentioned Songbird.

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