Weather Wimp Indignation

OMG, it’s so cold! I’m sitting at a desk, wearing a wool sweater, cords, scarf, hat, and coat!

It’s so cold that some of the buildings at work don’t have heat because parts of the steam system had to be shut down because of overwork (or something like that). The infrastructure can’t deal with the cold.

The only saving grace is that so far there’s been very little precipitation. Otherwise sleet, freezing rain, and snow might have to come back into my vocabulary!!! There’s already been news reports about black ice. Dude, people here do not know how to deal with black ice. Black ice is NEWS! (Okay, that particular article is about SoCal, but I saw a report on black ice on the evening news last night also.)

This is just not how it’s supposed to be!!!


  1. i like how we were discussing that it didnt snow until late jan/early feb that tues before you left…

    and then a few days later it snows

    gotta love global warming

  2. Yeah I heard Florida had a bout of cold weather too (30s). Space heaters were flying off the shelves. I wonder how bad hurricane season’s going to get with such unpredictable weather patterns.
    .-= Leaf´s last blog: Hibernating =-.

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