I stayed home this morning from work cos I wasn’t feeling too well — nauseous headache amongst some other small things, not really too terrible, but I couldn’t face staring at bright monitors and having to be friendly to people. I’d taken my Excedrin and was lying in bed when I start hearing yelling. Loud, angry yelling. At first, I thought the downstairs neighbors were having an argument. But then I realized it was two male voices, and when I peeked out the window, it was two dudes, yelling into two phones. One of them was my downstairs neighbor, yelling in Chinese, and the other wasn’t someone I recognized, yelling in English.

I threw my covers over my ears, trying to ignore them, and then I swear I heard, “…we’re just gonna have to do this the white man way … take this stuff back to Home Depot…” Uh… what?! Did I just hear that right?

Well… I should keep my nose out of this, right? But maybe it’s just a misunderstanding and I ought to help. So I comb my hair as best as I can and brush my teeth and step out, still wearing my indoor clothes (pink stretchy pants… v. lovely), eyes somewhat puffy feeling. So it turns out that the downstairs windows are leaking.

There were people there to install new windows, but the neighbors had only moved their furniture out of one bedroom (into the living room), so they wanted them to install new windows and carpet and etc only in that room, come back another day so they could move the other bedroom’s worth of stuff into the living room before the work got done in the second bedroom — sort of like one of those puzzles where you have to move one piece out, but there’s lots of pieces and you have to shuffle them around, is there a name for those puzzles?

The contractors had thought that they were going to be installing all of the windows in one trip for a certain price. They were mad at our landlord for not making everything clear, either to them, or the tenants. They’d been having “a frustrating morning” which was as close as we got to talking about the yelling because I certainly wasn’t going to ask them if they’d said what I thought I’d heard. They said they were just going to do the one bedroom, which I relayed since the neighbors had been madly trying to cover all the furniture in the second bedroom because they thought the windows were being done regardless. Poor neighbors, I think they were relieved that their things weren’t going to be dust covered, knock-overed messes.

Now I’m going back to bed… no, wait, I have to go blog about this, it’s too crazy.