Making the Super Bowl Interesting

Oh this is just one of the funnest things I’ve read this week (and definitely the funnest article about the Super Bowl that I’ve read, although that’s not saying much):

Art museum director Super Bowl trash talk: It’s on.

The art directors of the Indianapolis Museum of Art and the New Orleans Museum of Art have a little bet about the winner of the Super Bowl. The loser loans the winner “an art work that they would really miss for three months.” So if New Orleans wins, Indianapolis will loan The Fifth Plague of Egypt by Turner to New Orleans, and if Indianapolis wins, New Orleans will send Ideal View of Tivoli by Lorrain to Indianapolis for three months. Not that I know much about art, but the trash talk is good stuff, reminds me of my family. HAHAHA.

[via kottke]


  1. omg thats crazy and extremely funny XD makes me want to actually watch the super bowl now

  2. That is funny! It’s makes me want to go check out their museums too. I want to see all the paintings they tried to wager.

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