A Poll: Am I a Big Nerd?

So what do y’all think? Am I a big nerd?

Please just answer in the comments.


  1. I usually don’t associate with nerds cuz of their lingo. Conversations are hard to hold when you’re asking “What’s that?” every two seconds.
    hmmm you’re actions and humor sometimes show your nerdy side (wiki and google are your best friends)… but your choice of words is usually understandable to us common folks (for the most part).
    So big? naw. Nerd? yeah.
    But what do I know? It takes one to know one :-P
    Actually, I grew up with three gaming nerds in my family who will shun you if you don’t know what LAN stands for and lure you into playing games where you’re typing “help!!” every five minutes… so maybe I’m bias.
    .-= Special K´s last blog: wow =-.

  2. yaaay, thanks for responding. I will, of course, Explain All, soon. :)

  3. Yes. I’ve seen the action heroes at your office. Almost every time I call you, you’re gaming. And you built your computer. And sometimes I don’t want to try to understand what you’re talking about because I’ll need a coffee and an Excedrin.
    .-= leaf´s last blog: Unplanned Vacation =-.

  4. ^ your fellow nerd
    .-= Special K´s last blog: wow =-.

  5. ^ your fellow farmville nerd

  6. aw damn i didnt see this til now but yes you are a little nerd. :D
    .-= misa´s last blog: Dear charities: Trying to guil… =-.

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