An Explanation for the Previous

I don’t even remember what we were talking about, but I said something or other, and Yut called me a big nerd! To which I replied that I was not! (It was a v. mature conversation between two adults, I assure you.)

But he insisted that I was, anyone would agree! And I said, I don’t know dude, I mean, consider everyone we know! Lots of nerdy types, variously! I think I might be a v. minor nerd if that!

So I polled you guys. It’s a small sample size but , I think I was right! Leaf was the only vote for yes, everyone else basically said, ok, nerdy, but not a big nerd! So I win. And that’s what’s important.

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  1. should’ve guessed.
    HA! He’s one to talk!
    Both of you are nerds made for each other.

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