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For a couple of months now, we’ve struggled with our internet service. If I was browsing more media-heavy sites (just browsing!) or using Google Reader (guess it updates a lot) then Yut’s game would lag. Or video would stutter. So, for example I would have to schedule my photo uploads. All sorts of completely unacceptable behavior and compromises.

So we started to talk about upgrading our AT&T DSL service. They have tiers, $5 gets you slightly better service, you know how that goes. Well we had 3 mbps download and 512 kbps up, which is already the second best possible tier. So we could pay $35 for 6mbps down and 768kbps, which was somewhat tempting because there’d be no changes, the service would just get better. But Comcast (which we used to have years and years ago but canceled due to horrible-ness) has a promotion for $25 per month for something like 15? mbps down and 5? mbps up! I know, it’s at least five times better, for less! Geez, what was AT&T thinking. Although to be fair, AT&T does offer FiOS service with amazing speeds, but they only bundle it with TV service or whatever. (Again, what were they thinking?!)

So yeah, we switched. The customer service guy on the phone (because for some reason, trying to sign up online felt harder — I’m a troglodyte) was nice and efficient. And dude, the Comcast tech actually showed up on time for the appointment!!! So we are hopeful that they are going to be better than they were, service wise. So far, we love it, everything feels much nicer and there is no more internet hogging, or grumpy accusations thereof. :)

Hopefully this solves the problem, or else we might have to adopt Michael’s method: cable service for one, dsl for the other. And to think I used to make fun of him for it.

We canceled the DSL a few days after the cable service got working — can’t have downtime, y’know — and canceled our home phone service too. Too bad AT&T has crap cell service at home. Luckily Yut isn’t on AT&T as well.


  1. more like comcast for one, dsl for another, and stealing wireless from neighbor for the other.
    .-= Special K´s last blog: alligator skin =-.

  2. hehe, you are totally getting the short end of the stick. :p

  3. Calling to subscribe is the only way to go cuz that’s how you can negotiate deals or discounts. Computers don’t negotiate. It’s not too late for you either. If you feel like trying. :)

  4. and you scoffed at me, pshhhh

    i almost made the transition to verizon fios, then i found

    basically, they’re shutting down service for p2p users

    ya no thx

  5. Hehe, mea culpa!

    But actually, the cable is working well for us right now, so we haven’t had to go for DSL *and* cable yet. Verizon doesn’t offer service in our area, so we didn’t even have to worry about that — in general though, Verizon always seems kind of customer un-friendly. Maybe that’s not fair cos I don’t use them. :)

    And actually, speaking of hating p2p, Comcast has a 250gb bandwidth limit per month. We don’t think we’ll ever hit that though. The only time we come close is maybe when I’m doing an initial online backup. :p

  6. yeah, i havent been able to hit the cap, dl’ing all kinds of tv, movies, and music

    so i wouldnt worry about capping:P

  7. Man, compared to you guys I might as well still be on dial-up.
    .-= Leaf´s last blog: I missed my babies =-.

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