So you know how I like to complain about rain and bad weather? And wet pants and wet socks and wet shoes and etcetcetc? So I bought myself a pair of clompy clown-shoe wellies and solved that. Except today I didn’t check the weather report — it was cloudy-ish but not cold and so I didn’t wear the wellies and now I am wet. It’s windy and the rain’s coming down so hard my feet and bottom of my pants are soaked through. Now what I need is magical weather predicting powers. A good plan, no? But for now, I’ve taken off my shoes and socks and hidden them under this desk. It’ll have to do, but I really wish I could take off my pants. Soooo badly.

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  1. *squish* *squish* *squish*
    .-= leaf´s last blog: I don’t wanna talk about it. =-.

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