A Good Round Overall

I think that the first round of March Madness is some of the best basketball every year. Ok I admit I know nothing about basketball — hence this pool, so the bar is not high, but WHATEVS!

Check out the scores — I’ve added the President into our pool, by request, alas not by Obama:
Round 1

mim, SpeK: 27
shio: 26
Yut, POTUS: 25
misa: 24
CT, Pol, Seth: 23
YuHK: 22
Lew: 21

That’s right, despite doubts (ahem, CT!) today was a perfectly lovely day! SpeK and I called every game but one today, so we are in the lead. I don’t know how I feel about this. SpeK is getting savvy or something! Gone are the days when she’d pick #13 Air Force or some such all the way!

Shio is in 2nd place, doing quite well right now. But we’re going to have to see what happens, because if you look at his bracket, he decided he hated #1 seeds. Underdogs all the way!

On the other end of the rankings, we have Lew. Doooooood, If I remember correctly, he generally does v. well in the first round. Oh well, it’s a NEW EXPERIENCE! Exciting, right?


  1. Ok SpeK & zeh, hand over the crystal ball.
    .-= leaf´s last blog: The First Day of Spring =-.

  2. effing georgetown

  3. heeheehee :-D except this whole kansas thing is nuts…
    .-= special k´s last blog: squeaky clean =-.

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