So the Know-Nothing No Downside Not-Too-Much Upside March Madness Thingie is BACK, starting as of yesterday. In fact, it’s the Fifth Anniversary! Hopefully, you’ve all received your blank brackets, but if you haven’t, it’s cos I am disorganized, not cos I don’t want you to play! So mail me (mim at this domain) and I will send a blank bracket to you. Or you can just send me your picks, any way you choose; I don’t mind.

The scoring is: 1 pt for each first round game, 2 pts for each second round game, then 3, 4, 6, and finally 8 pts for the championship game. (Thanks to Todd cos the rules and the spreadsheet are his.)

The defending champion is YB who got a congratulatory text last year. Actually, that’s a pretty lame prize even considering the Not-Too-Much Upside part of the title. Maybe I’ll have to scrounge up a sticker and mail it to you. :p

Previous winners:
2008: ME! (Trip to Chicago, oh yes!)
2007: Yut (He got a kiss, a hearty handshake, *and* “Congratulations” from me.)
2006: Yut (A kiss and a hearty handshake)
2005: misa (Two bunny candles from the local farmer’s market)

You know you want a chance at the fabulous prizes!


  1. It seems like the prizes are going really downhill.

  2. I’ll have to agree. a kiss, hearty handshake, and congratz in 07 to a trip to chicago in 08? what a downfall.:-P
    .-= special k´s last blog: guilt free =-.

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