Foregone Conclusion

Sorry for the late post, but we just finished moving, and omg, I realized, moving is hard! Also, there wasn’t any good news. It’s true, SpeK has sewn this up. She’s the 2010 winner! We’ll let it play out to get the final scores, but yeah. So, since you won so early, I’ll take a prize request under consideration. But there’s no guarantees you won’t get junk that we just started packing into bags to hurry things up! :p For the rest of us, we got beat by SpeK, what happened, people?! <sigh>

Elite Eight
SpeK: 63 (and she has 14 available points still, if W. Va wins it all)
mim: 59 (6 more possible points)
Yut: 56
Pres: 55
Lew, Chalk: 54
Pol: 53 (6 more possible points)
CT, misa, Seth: 48
shio: 46
YuHK: 45

Everyone else has no more possible points. If Duke wins, Pol will get 6 points, but that won’t beat K’s 63. He could tie with me though, thanks to n00b luck. My 6 possible points are because of West Virginia, so no matter what, K will get those points too. Durn it. On the other end of the spectrum, YuHK LOSES! Soooo badly! Yes, you needed me to point that out, eh? :)


  1. noob luck? pfffft

  2. Congrats SpecK! Before you go hog wild, just remember that I’ve won the most number of times. BOOYAH!

  3. poop on duke..
    oh well, i still win :-D
    hehehe as for my prize, i’ll take a brand new room in your new house. yes. yes. yes. :-P hehe j/k. you attending a two hour long graduation that isn’t even yours is prize enough :-D hehehehe
    i winnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
    .-= special k´s last blog: T minus 33 =-.

  4. i’m waiting for the official announcement…hehehe
    .-= special k´s last blog: Formosa Betrayed =-.

  5. ya know… it seemed like it was update update update… then i win!!! and you decide to fall off the face of the earth. i’m insulted!!! :-P
    .-= special k´s last blog: feel the burrrrrn =-.

  6. lol that’s ridiculous… who’s simon?
    .-= special k´s last blog: feel the burrrrrn =-.

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