Not Too Sweet

I was supposed to post this yesterday, but my computer was down — we were trying to, and failing at, putting a desk together, so there were pieces all over the floor and my computer wasn’t hooked up. No worries, two hours yesterday, and then five more hours today, and now we have desks! Well part of the time was when we went to the local tool lending library (at one of the branches of the public library) to borrow a drill. The tool lending library is pretty great — more public libaries should have them. ANYway, never mind about my personal failures, let’s talk about our common problem: the inability to pick the correct team to win. Half of the Elite Eight is over, and the scores don’t reflect that; I’ll put those up tomorrow.

Sweet Sixteen
Rankings after the Sweet Sixteen:
mim, SpeK, POTUS: 55
Yut: 52
Lew, Chalk: 50
Pol: 49
CT, misa: 48
shio: 46
YuHK: 45
Seth: 44

So I’m still in the lead! Who knew that picking based on what I hoped would happen would be such a good strategy! Although I’m still lamenting MD’s loss. And the fact that Cal didn’t beat Duke! Okay okay, I’m not in the lead by myself — I’m tied with SpeK. I’m afraid that this year may be the year that I have to stop making fun of her for picking Air Force like four years ago. Well, there’s still time left: I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M TIED WITH THE GIRL WHO PICKED #13 AIR FORCE IN 2006!!! Ahem. Lew actually did the best in the Sweet Sixteen, he picked more correct teams than anyone else. The last few games are worth more points than ever, but we’re all quickly running out of teams still in the tournament. We’ll just have to see what happens. Today, Butler (no one called this) and West Virginia (me, Seth, and K) made it into the Final Four; I’ll update tomorrow after the Michigan State/Tennessee and Duke/Baylor games.


  1. yessssssssssss all i gotta do is watch duke beat baylor and it’s all mineeeee mineeee…i think… or wva beat baylor if that’s the case…
    .-= special k´s last blog: T minus 33 =-.

  2. woooo hooooooooooooo… so seriously? where’s all the trash talk this year?! I’M FINALLY WINNING AND NOBODY BUT MIM WANTS TO TRASH TALK WITH ME. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    sigh… i guess it’s lonely being at the top alll byyyy myselffffff :-D
    .-= special k´s last blog: T minus 33 =-.

  3. Has SpecK locked in the win for the 2010 know-nothing pool?

  4. Hey, I’m just happy to have crawled out of the cellar!


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